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Zirconium - teeth as natural

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Cirkonijum - Zubi kao prirodni

Technology in dentistry has advanced in all fields. Only a couple of decades later, in our country, the functional requirements of patients were mostly met, and far less attention was paid to aesthetics.

Today, materials with the highest aesthetic and functional qualities are offered for the most demanding works, and one of them is metal-free ceramics, zirconium.

"The crown cap of metal-free ceramics is usually made of zirconium. Zirconium is a material of extremely high hardness and resistance. Its milky white color reflects the completely natural color of the teeth, unlike the metal cap that is used in metal-ceramic restorations, "said the" Dr. Đurić "Dental Clinic from Celinac, explaining the quality of zirconium.

Zirconium caps are coated with the most modern high-quality ceramics from renowned world manufacturers, which are used in this dental clinic and dental laboratory.

"Zirconium has a very high hardness as well as resistance, in addition to these qualities, it has exceptional biocompatibility with human tissue, bones, does not cause allergies, and is not harmful in any way. When we look at aesthetics, then we want to emphasize that its milky white color has a complete transmission of light, unlike metal ceramics. With zirconium, as with a natural tooth, light passes through and provides transparency, which gives the teeth a completely natural look. What we want to point out is that the ceramic layer is of the highest quality, as well as the combination of zirconium and ceramics, and that is made in our highly professionally equipped laboratory, "the clinic said.

Metal-free ceramics have brought a number of other advantages.

"In addition to the quality of the metal-free crown, the grinding of the tooth substance is reduced to a minimum. It is removed from 0.5 - 1 mm while during grinding for metal ceramics it is removed from 1.5 - 2 mm. Therefore, the dental tissue is preserved, the grinding of the teeth under the gums is less, which preserves the gums more, which gives metal-free restorations a direct indication for patients with periodontitis (in whom the gums are already compromised) '', they explain and add that the advantages of metal-free crowns are not end.

When pulling the gum, which comes over time, the edge of the gray metal is not visible, which ensures that the work itself lasts longer aesthetically, ie their replacement is significantly delayed due to aesthetic reasons.
When setting the work, the crowns lie perfectly on the teeth, without the need for additional grinding and corrections, because we computer-scan the impression and make it in our laboratory, which guarantees the maximum precision of the entire work.

The edge of the metal-free crown is perfectly prepared, precisely because of computer processing, which aims at a perfect relationship between the edge of the crown and the gingiva, the so-called perfect edge closure.

"All the important items that we have listed should be kept in mind by patients when deciding which type of prosthetic replacement they want to opt for." We know that the financial aspect is also important when making a decision, but we should keep in mind that this is a longer period of time that brings not only quality and a better aesthetic appearance, but also the development of self-confidence and security, "they said.

ZU Dental Clinic "Dr. Đurić" now has a highly equipped dental laboratory and with its professional and expanded team guarantees quality, longevity.

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